1. What is the best season to visit Vietnam?
The best months to visit Vietnam are April and May as they are the only two that are not rainy and very hot throughout the country. However, the landscape changes depending on the climate. You can rely on other calendars to organize your trip just like the traditional holiday calendar.
A particular geography ...
Vietnam is a slender and slender country, stretching nearly 1,650 km from north to south.

The geography of the country is to be taken into consideration for your trip, because for the climate in Vietnam, even if it is grouped in the same subtropical / humid tropical entity, there are three variants corresponding to the different regions: north, center and south Vietnam .

It is also necessary to take into account its geography in its width, that is to say that one finds in the east, mountainous areas and high plateaus, whose altitude naturally refreshes the climate. And to the west, the alluvial and coastal plains, where temperatures are higher.

The seasons card
when to go to vietnam weather

2. When to go to Vietnam?

When to go to northern Vietnam?
The best periods are the months of October and November because the temperatures are pleasant, the landscape turns yellow and it is also the harvest period. The months of March to June are also a good period.

January - February: in the plain of the Red River delta, it is cool for this latitude (16.5 ° on average in Hanoi) and the famous drizzle sometimes persists for several days. So there is very little sunshine, but it is a good time for travelers who do not like the heat and the sun. In the mountains, it can be cold, around 8 ° at an altitude of 1500m. And snow makes its appearance on the highest peaks.
March - June: Spring is quite sunny and temperatures gradually increase. Heatwaves are observed in May and June.
July - September: it is the rainy season, marked by alternating thinnings in a very hot and very humid atmosphere and heavy monsoon showers, mostly at the end of the day. These showers can last as long as 5 minutes or up to several hours.
October - November: Autumn is considered the beautiful season. Sunshine and pleasant temperatures.
In addition, the North is mainly the only region where you can contemplate the famous rice terraces. This is what you can see on different dates:

Remember to bring good clothes for the hikes or the chilly nights in the mountains of northern Vietnam.

When to go to central Vietnam?
The best time to visit central Vietnam is from January to April between the heavy downpours and the sweltering heat.

The northern variants are found here attenuated (sunshine and higher temperatures in winter and lower summer rain). We just have to note two major differences due to the climate:

June - July: a very high temperature that can reach 40 ° C in the sun. However, if you are in the seaside resorts in Vietnam (Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang), the beach will be your greatest ally for cooling off.
July - November: The risk of rain and flooding kicks in. The city of Hoi An is often affected by the floods giving life to the name of Venice of Vietnam during this period.
In the interior regions the weather is milder thanks to the hills and mountains. Winter is pleasant and sunny, and monsoon rains occur from May to November, peaking between August and October.

When to go to southern Vietnam?
The best period is between December and mid-February but the weather is hot throughout the region and throughout the year, but there are two clear seasons:

September - April: the dry season during which it hardly rains with a dry heat and the degrees approaching 39 ° C at the highest in Ho Chi Minh. It is also the best season for sunbathing on the beaches of Phu Quoc Island or on the coast.
May - September: the rainy season during which showers are expected at the end of the day and humidity at its maximum. It is during this period that the Mekong Delta unveils its abundance of granary.

Monsoon Tips .....
The country is located on the path of typhoons and tropical storms and is particularly affected between mid-July and mid-November. With the modernization of infrastructure and weather warning, there is no major danger.

The rainy season is not synonymous with rain all day, monsoon rain showers seem more appropriate, and contrary to popular belief, these rains are nurturing and synonymous with life in the Vietnam, country of water!
Good luck to All with great weather during your stays in Vietnam!


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