Booking & Payment Policies


Prior to any commercial transaction between Zen Vietnam Travel and the Customer, the latter undertakes to fully adhere to the conditions and terms mentioned in the "General Conditions of Sale" Zen Vietnam Travel (hereinafter referred to as Zen Vietnam ).
These general conditions of sale are an integral part of the contracts, verbal or written, which bind Zen Vietnam and the Customer.
Price validity
All prices mentioned in quotes sent to customers are in Euros or Dollars (USD). Zen  guarantees the prices mentioned in the quotes, invoices or documents given to the customer.
However, these tariffs may be subject to readjustment in the event of force majeure (significant fluctuation in the exchange rate, promulgation of a new state tax, etc.) with or without prior notification from us.
Reservation and confirmation
Reservations are made at Zen Vietnam head office.
The invoice in the name of the Client or the Agency, established upon confirmation of the service, will be sent by fax or email.
Registration must be accompanied by the payment of a deposit:
10% of the total cost of the trip for 2 and 3 star services
20% of the total cost of the trip for 4 and 5 star services
100% of the total cost of the trip for excursions less than 6 days
The balance is paid on your arrival, without reminder from us.
Without payment of the balance, Zen Vietnam reserves the right to cancel the trip and to withhold the entire deposit deposited by the Customer or the Agency.
In the event of registration less than one month before the departure or start of the program, half or all of the price of the trip is to be paid as soon as the quote is signed.
- Payment for the trip can be made in cash, by bank transfer or by debit from a credit card as agreed between the two parties.
All bank charges inherent to one or other of these means of payment are the responsibility of the Customer. Our travel counselors will be happy to provide you with more information.
- Zen Vietnam uses the VTCPay online payment gateway (same technique as Paypal) but with cheaper bank charges for travelers at 2.8%. You should also know that VTCPay is a company of the State of Vietnam. This reassures us of the security of payments.
A) Cancellation by the Customer:
In the event of cancellation of the trip by the Customer, for whatever reasons,
he agrees to pay the following penalties, according to these scales:
 for 2 * - 3 * services for 4 * - 5 * services
more than 45 days before the start of the program 50 USD / group + costs of any flights 50 USD / group + costs of any flights
 from 31 to 45 days before the start of the program 5% of the trip price 10% of the trip price
 11 to 30 days before the start of the program 10% of the trip price 15% of the trip price
 1 to 10 days before the start of the program 20% of the trip price 20% of the trip price
 Current tour 100% of the trip price 100% of the trip price
This rule applies to all services booked by the customer.
* The reimbursement of the balance of the trip to the Customer by Zen Vietnam is made by bank transfer, the related costs of which will be borne by the Customer.
* Cancellation by Zen Vietnam:
Any contract can be canceled of our own doing for reasons related to a situation of force majeure: political, health, state of natural disaster, air transport, etc.
In all these cases of cancellation, registrants are fully reimbursed but cannot claim any compensation.
Insurance and Assistance
As an incoming agency, Zen Vietnam does not manage the travel insurance and assistance contracts of its Customers. We recommend that you contract them before your departure from your country.
However, always listening to you, we fulfill our role as intermediary between your insurer and our service providers if necessary. Please let us know your questions on this subject.
Zen Vietnam undertakes to provide the Customer with all the services mentioned in the quotes or contracts validated by us.
During the trip, the Customer agrees to comply with all regulations and directives announced by the guide or by the person in charge of the service. Anything outside the framework of the program established in advance by contract is not the responsibility of Zen Vietnam.
In the event of difficulties, both parties undertake to seek an amicable solution to their problem. In the event of an important dispute or complaint, only the "Vietnam International Arbitration Center" under the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry is considered competent.
Like any tourism company operating in Vietnam, Zen Vietnam is subject to Vietnamese tourism law. Since 2011, he has been required to deposit a sum of 250,000 0,000 Dongs (VND). This capital that cannot be used by us will be used directly to reimburse Customers in the event of non-compliance with the contract on our part or in the event that we lose a lawsuit.
Any complaint must be lodged in writing within 30 days at the latest after the end of the services provided by Zen 


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