If you are looking for a change of scenery to experience with your family, the Vietam will be your ideal destination! However, you must have a little time, or else extremely well target your trip, especially with children. But it is quite possible!

How to organize a family trip?

The planning will have to be spread over a long period of time, the idea not being to work hard for a whole year but to distribute the stages so as not to be overwhelmed and thus avoid stress and last forgetfulness. minutes.

That's why we've established a preparation schedule that allows for the right steps to be taken at the right time.

With children, it is better to choose a light program, without too many activities. If you go through a travel agency, you must pay attention to this before booking services such as restaurants, hotels ...

The roads are long, as it is difficult for children to stay quiet, games, songs and a laptop with cartoons can be provided.

Find the best season to travel to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia to avoid bad weather or influenced regions. The heat, the monsoon season and the rain will be a serious handicap especially with children.

In terms of health, Vietnam is a low-risk country with pharmacies on every street corner. Hospitals with doctors often trained partly abroad, especially in France.

In short, there are, of course, some precautions to take (food, hygiene, heat .....). But it is not insurmountable.

Going with children of what age?

Theoretically, it is possible to leave with a baby of a few days, provided of course that the mother has recovered from childbirth. The age of the children will however have an influence on the type of trip.

Before 6 months: Children this age require constant attention, especially when they start to put everything in their mouths. In addition, in a tropical environment, the number of breastfeeds can increase considerably, which involves a lot of effort on the part of the mother.

The equipment to be transported when traveling with children of this age (diapers, wet towels, nursing pads, etc.) can also represent a logistical challenge.

6 months to 2 years old: At this age, children have a hand in everything, need to be fed by parents, don't walk much on their own, gradually become too heavy to be carried in a backpack for a long time, and require a lot materials (diapers, bottles, food equipment, etc.). At this age, children's patience on long journeys is relatively limited, and a lot of trickery is needed to keep them entertained throughout the day.

You just have to find a less demanding adventure that will save energy for daily tasks. The adaptability of children will also surprise you.

From 2 to 5 years old, the child begins to be clean, eats on his own and can even walk good distances with a little practice. It really is a very interesting age to travel, where the spirit of discovery is developing very quickly.

It is truly amazing how quickly a child can evolve in such a short time while traveling, it is like a concentrate of life.

With kids over the age of 5, this really seems like the perfect time. At this age, children can cope more easily with long transport and long walks, can carry a small backpack with some of their equipment and participate in the organization of the day.

What to bring?

The main difficulty in traveling with the family is surely that parents have to carry all the equipment on their own.

The golden rule is to prepare a first exhaustive list of all the equipment you think you will need for each of the stages of a day: transport, night, meals, games, etc. You have to think carefully about each of the cases you take and ask yourself whether it is really necessary. A good place to start is to think about the longest time you will not be able to wash. Then take 25% of everything you have on your list, you'll see there's some leftover. Finally, trying to fit everything into 2 backpacks or 2 suitcases, having your hands free when traveling is always practical to carry a tired child, or a somewhat bulky souvenir at the end of your stay. Obviously with children in diapers it's pretty much inevitable to have another extra bag to carry them around, but don't add more.

An important item to take with children under 3 or 4 years old is, in our opinion, the fabric baby carrier. Very practical, it allows the child to be transported comfortably while allowing the baby carrier to be stored in the bottom of a bag when it is no longer needed.

Another oImportant object is the stroller for children under 2 years old. Its use during a long plane transport with several transfers almost alone justifies taking a stroller. Once there, you will find it very practical when traveling around the hotel, in the restaurant as a high chair and during naps when the child is more difficult to fall asleep.

The medical kit is certainly the object that we want to need the least and that we often tend to neglect. Some travelers think that nothing ever happens to them, so why bother and spend unnecessarily? However, it is a shame to have to wait until you need it before realizing its importance.

You should not bring too much clothing, you will find everything in Asia. Children adapt a lot more than we realize as long as they are taken care of of course.

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